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Aesthetics Operation After Weight Loss

Aesthetics Operation After Weight Loss


With the development of medicine and technology, those suffering from obesity can lose weight in a short time and at a high rate with various treatment methods and surgical procedures. After bariatric surgery, aesthetic applications should be used to get rid of this excess skin and deformations. Patients who get rid of excess skin can continue their normal lives thanks to the aesthetic operations called post-bariatric surgery applied in different parts of the body and face. Surgical procedures that enable people with overweight problems to lose weight quickly are called bariatric surgery. Especially those who cannot lose weight by exercising or dieting alone and who have health problems such as diabetes or sleep apnea due to their excess weight can benefit from bariatric applications. Bariatric methods such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass surgery and gastric balloon reduce the volume of the stomach and help those with overweight problems to have a healthy and balanced diet.


How Is It Applied?

Aesthetic operations are applied to remove the excess skin that occurs after bariatric operations for those who have excess weight to get rid of excess fat quickly.

Depending on the condition of the patients, both operations including all regions and local operations are performed for the chest, waist circumference, back, face and neck, arms and legs, which are the areas where excessive and sagging skin is seen the most.


  • Belt Lipectomy

Belt lipectomy applied under general anesthesia is the removal of sagging skin that occurs in more than one body part such as thigh, waist, hip, abdomen and back.


  • Panniculectomy

After various bariatric operations, sagging