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Dark Circles Treatment

How and why do dark circles occur?

Our lower eyelid is one of the thinnest and most delicate tissues in our body. Its vascular network is too much. In cases where the very small veins (venule) in the lower eyelid cannot adequately circulate the blood, the blood pools in these veins and creates a dark appearance. (Like leg varicose veins). This is how bruises and rings appear on the skin roughly. In addition, under-eye bruises may occur due to pigmentation problems under the eyes. Some chronic diseases can trigger this.

Apart from these, the bruise is not actually a serious condition, but it may seem like a serious problem from the light refraction given by the concavity.

Non-surgical solutions for under eye bruises:

1-Under-eye light fillers

Under-eye light filling is performed by entering from the cheek side with blunt-tip cannula, or by injecting filling material directly into the pit with very thin needles (30G-31G).

2-Topical Treatment

Creams that have been developed in recent years, specially produced for the eye area and with reduced skin permeability, can be used.

3- Mesotherapy applications

These are applications that act by squeezing the veins in the lower eyelid and accelerating blood flow. With very fine needles (30G-31G), 4-6 sessions are applied every 7-15 days.


4-Fractional Laser (Co2 or erbium laser) applications

It is an effective but difficult procedure as its implementation sometimes gives patients a hard time. Laser beams penetrate the skin and pass to the lower layer and narrow the blood vessels by tightening in this area. They can mask bruises by inducing collagen tissue and forming a thicker skin. 2-4 sessions can be applied in sunless seasons.