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Eyelid aesthetics is the operation performed to create an aesthetic appearance by preventing loosening, sagging and wrinkles in the eyelids. It can be applied to both lower and upper eyelids. These operations are applied to the patient under local or, depending on the situation, general anesthesia for a period of one to three hours. With the method of the operation, the excess fat tissues, muscle excess and skin in the eyelid area are cleaned and an aesthetic and youthful appearance is obtained.


The upper lid is cut from the fold line and the excess fat tissues, muscle residues and skin pieces are removed from the area. Afterwards, it is stitched with specially developed stitches to ensure minimal scarring. With the removal of fatty tissues, skin and muscle residues, the eyelid takes on a taut and youthful appearance.


After the intervention on the upper lid, the same procedures are applied by making an incision on the lower lid from the eyelash area. The operation time is usually between one and three hours. After the successful completion of the operation, the eyelids are covered with dressings that do not obstruct vision, and the patient is usually discharged on the same day.