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Face Lift

Face Lift

After the age of 50, sagging begins to occur on the face of most people that cannot be resolved with other obvious procedures. At this stage, facelift becomes essential. Irregularities in the skin, especially in the jawline and neck area, and the skin folds in front of the ear are quite disturbing.


What do we do in face lift surgery?

If we can simply describe the procedure we do during facelift surgery; The sagging on the face is corrected by hanging the structure called Smass, which forms the muscle, fat and nervous tissue of our face, and the skin that creates abundance is also removed in an appropriate amount. The signs of aging in the lower and upper eyelids can also be corrected at the same time. The skin is taken from this area and the displaced fat is transported to the appropriate place and the excess is removed. In addition, after the age of 60, sagging occurs in the neck area. Again, during facelift surgery, the neck muscle can be gathered as if wearing an inner corset. Sagging skin can be removed to a suitable extent. In patients who are overweight, it may also be necessary to remove fat from the neck.