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Frequently Asked Questions

+ - BREAST | Can I have breast aesthetic surgery during my period?

In the premenstrual period, the breasts grow under the influence of hormones and their blood supply increases. Due to this, sensitivity develops in the breasts of women during this period. Women who decide to have a breast reduction or augmentation operation when planing these operations together with their surgeons, and scheduling them immediately after the menstrual period will ensure that undesirable situations such as bad scars and stitches opening are less common.

+ - BREAST | Can the silicone used in the breast augmentation explode?

Silicone explosion and perforation after breast augmentation surgery are not normal conditions. However, silicones can be pierced and exploded as a result of firearm injuries, or the sinking of sharp, perforating, piercing objects or injuries related to this.

+ - BREAST | Will my breasts be corrected with asymmetrical aesthetic surgery?

Some people may have differences in shape and size between their breasts. This is the factor that makes it difficult to give a symmetrical appearance. In such cases, an asymmetrical appearance is tried to be reduced by using asymmetric prostheses or prostheses of different sizes for both breasts.

+ - GENERAL | Can I have aesthetic surgery during the summer period?

There is not much difference in terms of the points that people who undergo surgery should pay attention to in summer and in winter. Perhaps, in some surgeries, the patient should protect himself/herself for a certain period of time; he/she may need to take some precautions regarding this.

+ - GENERAL | When can a car be drived after aesthetic surgery?

The vehicle can be drived one week after the operation.

+ - EYE | Will there be any scars after eyelid surgery?

Patients are told that in the fold formed when the eye is opened and closed on the upper eyelid, there will be a thin, not obvious or even almost non-existent line that will not be understood in time, and that a natural line will appear on the lower eyelid because it is entered right from the bottom of the eyelash.

+ - EYE | When are the stitches removed after eyelid surgery?

Since these stitches are hidden in the eyelid fold, they do not attract much attention even in the early period. We use stitches that are sometimes absorbed and sometimes removed. Absorbed stitches spontaneously dissolve within 8-10 days, while the stitches removed need to be removed between these days.

+ - EYE | When can I take a bath after eyelid surgery?

You can start taking a bath from the fifth day. One week later, patients using contact lenses can start using lenses.

+ - EYE | When can I make up after eyelid surgery?

You can make up in 7-10 days.

+ - EYE | How many years does eyelid surgery rejuvenate?

It is possible to become 10 years younger with eyelid aesthetics.

+ - EYE | How many days does under-eye bag surgery heal?

Eyelids may remain slightly open; it is expected to improve as edema regresses. Stitches are removed completely within 3-5 days. After a week, the patient can return to work, but it may take 3-4 weeks for the minimal edema in the eyelids to completely regress.

+ - EYE | Does eyelid surgery repeat?

Falling back after eyelid surgery is not common.

+ - FACE | Is facelift surgery permanent?

Yes, it is permanent. The results of most facelifts last a very long time, seven to 15 years.

+ - FACE | How many days does facelift surgery heal?

Estheticians advise their patients to have 20 days.

+ - FACE | How many days does a thread face-lift heal?

Evet kalıcıdır. Çoğu yüz gerdirme işleminin sonuçları yedi ila 15 yıl arasında olmak üzere çok uzun süre devam eder. Etki süresi kişinin cilt yapısına, iskelet yapısına, kullanılan tekniğe, tekniği uygulayan cerraha bağlı olarak değişebilir.

+ - FACE | How many years do face-lift surgeries rejuvenate?

Face-lift operations allow you to achieve a 10 years younger appearance depending on the skin structure and the person.

+ - FACE | How many days does a french lift heal?

The results are quite natural. Mimics do not change. The healing process is completed between 2 days and 2 weeks.

+ - BOTOX | Will there be swelling after botox?

The healing process is completed between 2 days and 2 weeks.

+ - BOTOX | Is headache normal after botox?

A mild headache may occur in some patients after Botox application.

+ - BOTOX | Is the face washed after botox?

After the Botox injection, the face should not be washed for 4-6 hours. So instead of washing your face in these 24 hours, wipe gently with a wet cloth.

+ - BOTOX | How many days after botox can you do sports?

Exercising within three to seven days, during which botox will take full effect, may adversely affect your aesthetic treatment.

+ - BOTOX | Why is alcohol not consumed after Botox?

To avoid bruising after Botox, avoid alcohol after Botox.

+ - TOOTH | Can I get a price before I travel, how does this work?

The dentist needs photos to assess what you need, and a member of our team will contact you via email with more information.

+ - GENITAL AESTHETICS | When to have sexual intercourse after vaginal tightening surgery?

It is recommended to have sexual intercourse after an average of 1.5 months after vaginal tightening vaginoplasty operations as well as after labiaplasty correction operations of the inner lips.

+ - NOSE | Will there be any scars in open nose surgery?

Open rhinoplasty (operation using the open technique) and closed surgery. There is no suture scar in the nose in closed surgery unless an operation or surgery is performed with a line.