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Gluteoplasty is all applications and methods applied to gain butt aesthetics in individuals who are uncomfortable with their current hip appearance.

The main purpose of these operations, which include options such as plumping, shaping, lifting and reduction according to the need in the hip region, is to eliminate the aesthetic problems that occur in the hip region of the body due to weight and age, or which are structural. Options such as fat injection, prosthesis and suspension method can be applied for butt aesthetics.

The first of these methods is fat injection. In the fat injection method, the fat tissues taken from any other part of the body with the help of cannulas are concentrated and injected into the predetermined points of the butt. This is a fuller butt appearance intended by injection.

The second method is butt prosthesis. The main purpose of the application of the butt prosthesis is that other parts of the body cannot meet the amount of fat to be taken in the fat injection method or the need for a large amount of fat. In such a case, the butt is shaped without fat transfer by using silicone prostheses. Silicone prostheses are placed on certain areas of the butt, resulting in a fuller and upright appearance.


The third method is the suspension method. In order for this method to be applied, patients must have severe skin sagging. In case of sagging, the skin is removed from the abdomen and butts, and the remaining skin is suspended and the butt area is shaped. As a result of the operation, an upright and fuller butt appearence is obtained. The main purpose of all three methods is to make the butt look upright, plump and young.