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Hair, Beard and Beard Sideburns Packages


First Step:

*Before transplantation blood tests are doing.

* Marking the area to be transplanted and starting the operation

PRP 2 Session (Platelet Rich Plasma) is performed using solving enhanced growth factors in our blood in association with injection of growth factor portion over the under tissues. That application executed by our physician is applied as a therapy during the pre and post hair implantation.

* Antibiotics and Painkillers to be used after the operation (1 week)

Second Step.

* Washing and control inspection

* Shampoo and Foam to be used in 10 days after the first wash

* Accommodation for foreign hair transplant patients 3 nights in a 4 * and 5 * hotel close to the hospital where the operation will be performed (bed-breakfast)

* Airport-hotel-hospital transportation services for foreign hair transplant patients