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Laser Epilation (Laser Hair Removal)

Laser Epilation

Unlike other epilation types, laser epilation is preferred because it is permanent and healthy. Laser epilation, which provides permanent removal of unwanted hair regardless of men or women, is painless compared to classical methods. The main purpose of laser epilation is to destroy the hair root, not the hair. By applying laser beams to the hair root, the function of the stem cell that provides hair growth is deliberately disrupted. Thus, the hair is prevented from reappearing on the skin surface.


Application Regions


Armpit Area Laser Epilation

Bikini Line Laser Epilation:

Genital Area Laser Epilation :.

Leg Area Laser Epilation:

Arm Area Laser Epilation:

Chest Area Laser Epilation

Back Area Laser Epilation

Nape Area Laser Epilation:

Neck Area Laser Epilation:

Face Area Laser Epilation:

Mustache Area Laser Epilation:

Chin Area Laser Epilation: