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Mimic Aesthetics

Filling is the fastest solution for facial wrinkles due to mimic muscles. However, a fill applied according to a particular template creates similar faces. The originality of the person is lost.

Instead of stencil filling, mimic design gives more accurate and personalized results.

Using wrong mimics causes rapid and bad aging. Mimic muscles wear and tear the skin, like waves hitting rocks.

Especially those between the eyebrows or in the corners of the mouth, by giving meanings to hard, angry or sad, actually harm social communication. If mimics, which are the power of expression, give false emotional messages, communication is disrupted.

Sometimes mimic muscles develop so much that they damage the facial geography by creating puffiness. Especially for this group, in other words for people with hyperactive muscles, it is possible to design mimics with filler. Moreover, without making the person expressionless, with a more concise definition, with a poker face…

Correct gestures give meaning to the face. They are the power of words and bring a different depth to our expressions. They are even good tools for quiet conversation or communication without resorting to words. Therefore, mimic communication comes before verbal communication.

On the basis of mimic design, it is necessary to know the person’s face, the location and strength of the mimic muscles, as well as the person’s structure and style. It is possible to make different designs according to occupational groups, gender or the distribution of mimic muscles of the person.

Especially in actors, actresses, theater actors, screen faces, and competitive business sectors, mimic design gains a special importance as career aesthetics.

Mimic design also includes applications such as baby filler or harmonic filling, starting from the neck and décolleté and covering the whole face.