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Six Pack Surgery

Six Pack Surgery

Abdominal Aesthetics (Six Pack); is a body shaping operation that allows you to have a healthy, fit, dynamic, athletic and muscular body. This operation, which gives shape to the muscle mass, is filled with the liposuction technique on the fatty tissue in the areas where the muscles are dimpled and ensures that the fatty tissue in the cambered areas is protected. In this way, the muscles become clear and visible. No external material or implant is applied to the body. It creates a fit and muscular body image by making the existing muscles in the body become much more prominent.

Are the Effects of Six Pack Surgery Permanent?

The visible effects of six pack surgery begin to appear approximately 7 to 10 days after the surgery. And the permanence of this aesthetic appearance depends entirely on the lifestyle of the person who has the application.

Six Pack Surgery Recovery Process

Since the six pack surgery is applied with the liposuction technique, people experience a very short recovery period. In order to give the desired result of the surgery and to prevent the accumulation of edema, a corset should also be used. In general, the recovery period of the patients begins after a few weeks.

Does Six Pack Surgery Cause Too Much Pain?

Since there is no cutting procedure in six pack surgery, there is no risk of any scar in the patient.