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Things to do Before Hair Transplantation

Things to do BEFORE Hair transplantation

Before 1 week ago for the hair transplantation leave the medicines like aspirin which is like the blood thinner

Don’t smoke cigarette  and stop drinking before 5 days ago

İf you are using some hair lotion for your hair loss please leave it them before hair transplantation

Don’t dye your hair before the operation

Don’t had a hair cut before the operation

Things to do AFTER Hair transplantation

What will you take home with you right after a hair transplant?



3-shampoo and mousse

4-pain killer

What should ı do immediately after my procedure?  (when ı arrive home)

1-we recommend that you go home or back to the hotel and rest until the next morning. We recommend you only minimal activity for 12 hours.

2-We strongly advise that you do not drive for 24 hours, as you may receive medications that can alter your judgment.

3-You should eat diner when you arrive home Please drink plenty of fluids, especially water during the evening.

4-Try to avoid excessive head movements and blending during the first 24 hours. This includes tying shoelaces! please limit bending over!

5-For sleeping we recommend elevating to 45 degrees for the first, two, or three days. This will reduce the chances that you will develop swelling around the eyes and forehead.

What should ı do if ı spot a bit of bleeding after my procedures?

 A small amount of bleeding can sometimes occur and should not be a cause of worry. This can happen the night of your procedure and rarely even a few days afterward. To protect your lines, you may want to put a towel over your pillow for the first few nights after surgery.

What should ı do if ı get pain after my surgery?

Many patients use a few pain pills for 1-2 nights after their surgery.İt’s important that you control your pain and not suffer with it. Please do not take aspirin for pain as it will increase your chances to bleed. You must take pain pills that analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Bathing routine after your procedure (2*per day)

You will come back to the transplant center the following day (or the day after) so that may wash your hair and see how things are progressing with the expectation of day 1, the bathing care routine is to be done once daily

Steps to washing the back of the scalp(the donor area):

Fort the back of your scalp (donor area), soak first underwater for a 1 minute-either in the shower with the water beating down or in the bathtub. Then, massage the donor area (with shampoo) with side-to-side motion(not up and down)to loosen up the crusts using the pads of your fingers, not your nails.it may be tender for the first few days and this is normal. We will supply you with shampoo after your surgery. if you don’t have a bathtub then you can massage the back of the scalp in the shower. it’s also safe to gently let stream from the showerhead flow over the back of the scalps. (But don’t let it hit the front or top of your scalp where the new grafts are placed)


For the newly transplanted area of your scalp (recipient area) simply pour soapy water over the area. To make soapy water just add a teaspoon of shampoo to a pitcher of water and then rise for 20 seconds and then rinse for 20 seconds. Please don’t rinse too long as the grafts may absorb water and ‘’pop up’’ You should then rinse it off by pouring fresh water over the area. You should not let the shower beat down on the grafts for 14 days.


  1. Starting day 8 you can very gently start to rub the grafts with the pads of your fingers to loosen up a bit of the crust.
  2. To dry your hair, you may air dry your hair or gently pat dry with a towel. Please do not rub the grafts with a towel to dry them and do not dry them with a hair blower.

Some notes about CRUSTING: 

Crusts will form on the recipient side (front) a few days after the surgery. This is normal. It is very important that you do not pick at the crusts. This cannot be emphasized enough. However you may gently massage them starting the 8th day. The crusts will start to fall off around 2-3 weeks after your surgery. Remember you will not expect any growth for at least 3-5 months after surgery. Remember you will not expect and growth for at least your surgery. This is normal At 5 months you will begin to see the hairs grow.

Starting 14 days after surgery, the grafts are fully adhered to, and you can begin standing under the showerhead (provided the pressure in your shower is not usually strong). At this time, you can help loosen the scabs that have formed around the grafts. Do not use your finger-nails to pick off scabs as this can lead to scarring. Simply use the pads of your fingers to gently rub the grafts while you are shampooing.İt is important to shampoo every day until all the scabs have fallen off. Once they are gone (14-21 days) you may resume your normal shampoo routine.

Other General Hairstyling Considerations and Tips

1-Hairspray and mousse can be used after 7 days but must be washed off every day.

2-You can comb your hair but do so very gently.

3-Avoid hair dryers for 10 days.

4-You can perm or cut your hair after 3 weeks.

5-You can color your hair after 3 weeks.

Crusts at the back

I have lots of crusts on my donor area at the back of the scalp. İs their anything ı can do to help reduce this?

1-These crusts generally fall off after 7-10 days but can last longer.

2-It is important that you apply shampoo twice daily for the first week.


Swelling can occur in %20 of patients and lasts about 3 days. It often starts around day 2-4 after your transplant. It’s important to know that this is temporary. Because of gravity, some of the fluid extends down into the eyelids. Very rarely ‘’black eyes’’ can occur.

To reduce your chances of developing swelling, sleep at 45 degrees after the procedure for 2-3 days, some patients prefer to sleep in a reclining chair.


Infection after surgery is quite rare. Infection would appear to you as increased redness, swelling tenderness, or pus.İf you are worried about infection, simply take a photo or video that shows the problem and send it to us.

1-Avoid exposure to dirt in the air at work or through recreation for 2 weeks after your surgery.

2-If you need to touch the donor area or the recipient area, WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST.

3-Please let us know if you experience any increased amount of redness around your surgery site.

Exercise, Weight lifting, Sexual activity

1-After 7 days you can resume mild exercise but avoid weightlifting or heavy activity like running

2-Avid exercise heavy work, sports, and sexual activity can cause swelling, bleeding, and loss of grafts.

3-Weight lifting or heavy lifting or swimming in a public swimming pool can be resumed after 14 days. We recommend waiting 3 weeks before swimming in water of uncertain cleanliness

4-Bend at the knees when picking up objects or trying your shoes.


Can ı get sun on my head after surgery?

Avoid direct sun exposure and rain on the grafts for 4 weeks. Over the next 3 months, if you are going to be I the sun (beach, golfing, etc)be sure to wear a hat. A sunburn on the newly transplanted area can lead to dişcoloration.

If wearing a ball cap, place the bill of the hat over the forehead and then pull the back down. To remove the hat, carefully lift the back of the hat and off first.

Hats are not necessary unless you are in direct sunlight.


Can I smoke after surgery?

For best results, we advise you to stop smoking one month before surgery and for two months after. Many studies show that smoking interferes with wound healing. At a minimum, we advise stopping smoking for one week before and done the week after to optimize results.

Clothing after surgery

What can ı wear after my procedure?

1-You should wear a button-down shirt for 5 days after surgery. Do not wear a shirt that you must pull over your head as it may cause the newly placed grafts to loosen

2-If wearing a ball cap, place the bill of the forehead and then pull the back down. To remove the hat, carefully lift the back of the hat and off first.

3-Hats are not necessary unless you are in direct sunlight. However, in this case, a hat should be worn to prevent sunburn of the grafts.


When can ı drink alcohol after surgery?

Alcohol can be consumed after 5 days. It is important not to drink alcohol during the first 5 days as ıt can increase your risk of bleeding (alcohol thins the blood). Do not drink alcohol if you are using any of the pain medications we prescribed. They cannıt be mixed.


When can ı drink coffee or tea after my procedure?

We ask that you limit caffeine as much as possible as it can increase bleeding. If you normally consume a lot of caffeine, then please use it in moderation.1 cup of coffee can be used on the first day after surgery and 1-2 cups on the second day.

Back to work

When can ı go back to work after my surgery?

  • A few patients go back to very light work the next day. but most patients take 5-7 days off from work. Avoid heavy lifting work for 7 days. Do not wear a hard helmet on your head. If you are going into areas with a lot of pollutants(such as construction sites, dusty areas)you should wear a hat. If wearing a ball cap, place the bill of the hat over the forehead and then pull the back down. To remove the hat, carefully lift the back of the hat and off first.
  • Because of the small possibility of swelling and crusting after surgery,ıt may be preferable to take a full one week away from work. Crusts start falling off 7-10 days after your surgery.