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Problems such as sagging and losing fullness may occur in the breasts due to the effect of aging, periods such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight gain and loss. The droopy and dull appearance can be delayed by sports and healthy nutrition, but ultimately, the operation is inevitable. If the volume of the breast is small, breast augmentation and lifting operations can be performed together in the same session according to the patient’s request. Breast lift is a very less painful and comfortable operation for the patient. It gives successful results. A firmer, upright, healthy and attractive appearance is achieved in a short time.


Breast lift is a preferred procedure in later ages. Although it is not applied to those under the age of 18, there is no upper limit in terms of age. Caution should be exercised in those who have conditions that adversely affect wound healing. Since various health problems may interfere with the operation, it should not be avoided to inform your doctor about previous operations and diseases while being examined.