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Gastric Balloon

The purpose of the gastric balloon procedure is to restrict the food intake by placing a water-filled balloon endoscopically inside the patient’s stomach and to lose weight by this procedure. It is seen as an easy and effective method for a given period since a balloon is placed in the stomach of the patients and this procedure is performed in sedation, that is, half asleep.


How Long Does the Stomach Balloon Stay in the Body?

Although it has 6 month and 1 year options, they are very effective in terms of the results of the diets applied by the patients.


Expectations and General Results in Gastric Balloon Application

After the application, patients are expected to lose weight and have a normal body mass index. Thanks to this support, it is known that patients lose up to 15-20 kilos.

Can stomach balloon be applied to everyone?

After calculating the total body weights and body mass indexes of the patients, it is decided how long the gastric balloon will be used, and then the procedure is applied.