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Fat Transfer to the Breast

Fat Transfer to the Breast

Breast enlargement with fat injection is an alternative breast augmentation method for people who do not prefer to use prosthesis. It is the process of injecting the fat taken by the Vaser liposuction method into a liquid form and injecting it into the breasts level by level.

How Does Fat Transfer To The Breast?

Fat transfer to the breasts means two procedures at once. The first step is to remove fat from the bulky areas using vaser liposuction, which also means trimming the excess areas. The next step is to carefully apply fat transfer to shape and enlarge the breasts in a natural-looking way. During the surgery, more fat is placed on the desired area, because after the surgery, some fat absorption in other words melting occurs in the body. The rapid transfer of fat after removal is the most important key to keeping the fat alive.