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Lip Lift

What is Lip lift?

Lip lift is a practical surgical procedure that makes the lip look more voluminous by removing a small piece of skin in the form of an ellipse starting from the nose edges to the lip below.

Lip lift procedure provides a more voluminous and more defined lip structure by turning the lip outward.

What is lip lift with thread? How is it done?

Lip lift with thread is done by hanging the lip up with special suspension threads that dissolve permanently or temporarily.

Is lip lift done with laser?

It is possible to lift the lip with a rope, lip lift with laser or with a plasmapen. However, these usually give less results than the operation. It also has short-term consequences.

Can the lip and mouth be lifted at the same time?

Both the lip and the corner of the mouth can be lifted at the same time with both the lift and a couple or several of threads that can be thrown around the mouth.

What exactly is Angel lip lifting? Is it different from normal lip lift?

Angel lip lifting, lip lift or lip augmentation surgery terms refer to the same operation. In routine lip lift applications, since the midline is turned outward, the prominence of this region increases, the venus lip appearance is more visible, therefore the lip lift operation is also called angel, angel wing.