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It is the application that is applied to remove the unbalanced image formed in the body as a result of fat accumulation in certain parts of the body.

Although there are many variations of liposuction, it is basically a medical term that expresses the removal of fat from the body using surgical methods. The aim is not to lose weight, but to get rid of the regional fat accumulation that makes the appearance of the body unbalanced. Today, mostly classical liposuction and recently vaser liposuction techniques are used. The development of the technique is based on the most undamaged removal of fat tissues and increasing patient comfort.



Liposuction is a serious operation that takes approximately two hours under local or general anesthesia depending on the situation. Fat cells are broken down by injecting liquid or sending an ultrasound wave to the area where the fat will be taken. Small incisions are made on the area with the breakdown of the fat cells, and with the help of a special vacuum, the fragmented fat tissues in the area are vacuumed from these incisions.